Bring the Charm of a Rustic Cabin to Your Home


The rustic cabin style has been a popular trend for home decor this season.  For cabins or guest houses it’s important to keep it simple – for example avoid unnecessary appliances like a washing machine or dishwater  as they usually occupy the main house.  Try to to keep the square footage down to capture a cozy feel and consider architecture as one of the most important components in the design process. A notable tip is to use recycled, raw or reclaimed wood for walls, floors or surfaces to achieve a rustic look.


Get cozy this fall with glowing lanterns, natural wood elements and plenty of Americana style.

Many of us dream of stepping off the fast track of modern life and retreating into the woods for a quiet, more peaceful existence. Perhaps reading Walden in high school planted the seed. Or maybe it’s a deeper undercurrent in the American psyche — we are, after all, a country that was born from settlers. For most of us, the dream of escaping into a quiet cabin of our own may not come to pass, but there are plenty of ways to bring some of the design features of cabins to your own home or backyard retreat.